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Pass Your Remote Pilot Exam on Your First Try or We'll Pay For It    ●   Largest Database of Real FAA Questions on the Internet

Are you ready to start your new career as a commercial drone pilot? You have come to the right place! This online course, taught by FAA Certified Instructors, is your fast track to your new FAA Remote Pilot License. Sign up for free and unlock the first three lessons right now. You are just one click away!

Gold Seal has been the #1 internet-based pilot training resource for over ten years. Instructional modules and materials are developed and delivered by FAA certificated flight instructors. Where FAA exams are concerned, we are THE subject matter experts. Exam preparation is all we do and we do it exceedingly well. Join tens of thousand of other pilots who have passed their exams with Gold Seal.

30+ Lesson Modules
Gold Seal’s renowned multimedia lessons cover every topic on the Remote Pilot test. These aren’t just talking head videos someone shot with a GoPro. You are part of the process. This guarantees better learning from start to finish.
Cloud-Based Tracking
Every step of your progress through the Part 107 course is tracked. Pick up where you left off, no matter where you are or what computer you are on. Review your lesson status and archived quizzes at any time. No one else offers this.
Unlimited Practice Tests
The Gold Seal quizzing engine is the most sophisticated tool for pilots in existence. It offers random UAS question delivery in an infinite number of sessions. Question hints, flash cards, and video explanations are built right in.
Real FAA Test Questions
This course offers the largest and most accurate database of actual FAA test question on the market. Over 400 test questions are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure that you are studying with the most current information available.
Customer Support
No one is going to tell you that the FAA written exam is easy. Fortunately, the Gold Seal lesson modules cover every detail. And for those times when you need a little extra help, an FAA CFI is available via telephone or email to help you out.
Certificate of Completion
When you complete the course, not only will you be confident that you are ready to make a great score on the FAA exam, you'll also be able to instantly print out a dated Certificate of Completion, signed by an FAA certificated flight instructor.

Reviews and Ratings

To fly your drone commercially you must pass an FAA written exam and become a certificated Remote Pilot. Commercial UAS pilots fly under a subset of the FAA regulations called Part 107. Any unmanned flights that involve payment or are in furtherance of a business or organization fall under the Part 107 rules. Note that even if you fly for free and donate your services, if the ultimate use is commercial, you fall into the commercial drone pilot category and must have a commercial pilot license (which is formally a “certificate”) to fly unmanned aircraft.

The FAA written test for the Remote Pilot certificate contains sixty multiple choice questions. It is conducted on computer at an FAA authorized testing center. You are given two hours to complete the exam. The test covers a wide variety of aeronautical topics including aerodynamics, aeronautical decision making, risk management, the national airspace system, sectional charts, airport operations, weather theory, weather charts, emergency procedures, and (of course) the Federal Aviation Regulations covered in Part 107.

The Part 107 test is taken at an authorized testing center. There are hundreds of them around the country so it is likely that one may be close to you. When you are ready to schedule your exam, call PSI, provide your zip code and FTN (FAA Training Number), and they will tell you the closest location. Schedule it over the phone with your credit card. The cost for the FAA exam is $150. You may call and schedule your exams at: 844-704-1487.

This is the easy part. Simply sign up here at Gold Seal. The entire course is taken online and it covers everything you need to know to make a great score. The course is made up of videos, interactive segments, flash cards, quizzes, and mock FAA exams using real FAA questions. Your progress is stored in the cloud so that you can start and stop at your leisure. Pick up again and it always knows your latest status. Every quiz is archived. This allows you to review old quizzes and even print out PDFs containing just the questions you missed! Plan on dedicating 15-25 hours of study time and you’ll do great.
If you are training in a corporate environment, Gold Seal’s UAVGroundSchool has management reporting options built right on. This allows trainers/supervisors to monitor your activity.
Gold Seal has been training aviators for longer than anyone else. This is all we do. And we do it very well. Get started now and you could become a certificated Remote Pilot next week!

The Gold Seal Guarantee – You Pass or We Pay

This one is so easy. No one ever fails when they study with Gold Seal. But if you do, we’ll reimburse you for the cost of the FAA exam. To qualify, all you have to do is complete the course, score 90% or better on three practice final exams, score 80% or better on the Gold Seal final exam, and take the FAA Knowledge Test within five days after. This guarantee applies to the first time you take the initial knowledge test.
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