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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions about Remote Pilot Operations

"Remote Pilot" is the FAA name for a commercial drone pilot. Anyone who flies a drone in furtherance of a business or an organization must be certificated by the FAA as a Remote Pilot. You may hear the term "Part 107"; this refers to the federal regulations that pertain to Remote Pilots. To become a Remote Pilot you must pass an FAA written test.

Tip: You might hear people refer to commercial drone pilots, remote pilots, sUAS pilots, UAV pilots, or Part 107 pilots, but they all mean the same thing.

14 CFR Part 107 are the Federal regulations that control commercial operations of small unmanned aircraft.

Any flight operation conducted for compensation or in furtherance of any business is considered to be a commercial flight. If you get paid, it’s commercial. If you don’t get paid, but it benefits a business or organization, it’s commercial. This means if you fly your quadcopter and shoot video of a house for free, then give it to your friend who is a real estate agent, it is a commercial drone flight and you must have an FAA Part 107 certificate.

If you plan to operate your drone commercially, insurance is something you really need to consider. There are a lot of issues that you probably haven’t thought about. Creating an LLC for your company won’t give you the protection you think it will. That is where insurance comes in. Check out this article from Evan Wilson. It’s an easy read and will bring you up to speed on this important topic.

This one is easy. Gold Seal has been conducting this type of online training for longer than anyone else on the planet! At Gold Seal, we know exactly how the FAA operates and understand completely what will be on your exam. You will get your best training from Gold Seal. Guaranteed. The price for the Gold Seal Remote Pilot Ground School is $199.00 for a lifetime access. We keep it up to date and it will always be there for you for review and for biennial FAA recertifications.

$199.00 for a lifetime membership. This is important because the FAA requires you to renew your certification by taking the test again every two years. We always keep the course up-to-date with the latest changes from the FAA, so when it comes time for you to renew, you can count on your Gold Seal membership to get you ready!

The Gold Seal UAV Ground School is a complete resource for your Remote Pilot training and review. It is not just a test-prep site – the Ground School covers everything. If you have questions, use the Contact Us section on the right or call us at 888-514-1945.

The Ground School is divided into FOUR topical sections. Each section contains multiple Lessons. You should generally go through them in order, but there is no harm in jumping around a bit. The Ground School tracks your progress through the individual Lessons.

You Pass or We Pay
If you don’t pass your FAA exam on your first try, we will reimburse you $150 – the cost of the test. To qualify for this, you must:

  1. Study every lesson and take every quiz,
  2. Pass three or more “practice final exams” with scores of 90% or greater,
  3. Pass the Gold Seal final exam with a score of 80% or greater, and
  4. Take the FAA exam within five days of taking your Gold Seal final exam.

Yes. You can contact us via email from several "Contact" links throughout the Ground School. Or, feel free to give us a call at 888-514-1945 (Gold Seal) or 678-513-4450 (UAV Experts) Monday-Friday, 10:00am (eastern) to 4:00pm (eastern).

Questions about the FAA Exam

The written exam will be taken at an authorized testing center. PSI CATS (formerly Lasergrade) handles all FAA testing across the country and can tell you where the closest testing center is based on your Zip Code. Click below to find a testing center near you.

Note: You must make a reservation in advance to take the exam.

PSI CATS (formerly Lasergrade) (844)-704-1487 Click to find testing center

The FAA Remote Pilot written test costs $150 and is paid directly to the FAA-authorized testing center. If you fail, you must pay an additional $150 and wait 14 days to retake the test. (Two very good reasons why you want to pass the first time!)

Your test will be taken at an FAA-authorized testing center in your area and will contain 60 questions. You will have two hours to complete this multiple-choice computerized test.

Note: If you are already a Part 61 (manned aircraft) pilot, you may take a 35-question online test with the FAA by clicking here. It's contained in a course labeled "ALC 451".

The FAA test covers a wide variety of aeronautical and regulatory topics that relate to operators of unmanned aircraft. This is not just some hurdle you have to overcome – you must know and understand this material to safely and legally conduct commercial flight operations. The FAA does provide nearly everything you need in order to pass the test. This material is free and it is online. The problem for you is that it is spread out over 1500 pages in over a dozen different documents. The majority of these documents were developed for pilots of manned aircraft. So, you have the difficult problem of finding the needed documents, then filtering through them to find the specific information that relates to your test. It can be done, but it isn’t easy. The better option is to take a structured course that focuses just on the information that you need to know for the exam. There are numerous online programs that claim to provide this instruction. But be very careful. Many of them are created and marketed by people who are not FAA certificated instructors and contain erroneous and incomplete training. Prior to creating their products, these folks didn’t know anything more about the topics than you do right now. It is crucial that you stick to training programs that are developed by FAA flight instructors who have thousands of hours of experience with these exact topics.

The FAA exam contains 60 multiple choice questions and each question has 3 possible answers. Two hours is allowed for completion of the exam. You will take the test on a computer at an FAA-authorized testing center. Your test will be proctored and monitored by video camera. After you complete the exam you will be given a document called the “Knowledge Test Report”. This document includes an embossed seal. Do not lose this report! You will need it to apply for your Remote Pilot Airman Certificate.

After passing your FAA Part 107 exam, you will receive a document called the "Knowledge Test Report". This document has a unique code that identifies your test attempt. You must login to IACRA (create an account if you haven't already) and make a "submission" for your certificate. This is commonly called a "license" but the correct term is "certificate".

There is no charge to submit your application on IACRA. 2-3 days after making your submission, log back into IACRA and a button will appear in your account that will allow you to print out a temporary certificate as a PDF. Print this out and you're now legal to fly as a Commercial Remote Pilot! You'll receive your physical certificate in 8-10 weeks.

Follow along with our video below to get it done quickly and easily.